Giving Sight to the Community through Partnerships with Optometry Giving Sight

Giving Back: Commitment to Communities and People in Need

Our Commitment to Community

As a leader in the global eye care industry, CIBA VISION® has a shared passion for helping people worldwide achieve "healthy vision for a better life." We believe that reaching this goal means reaching out to communities in which we live and work, volunteering our time and efforts, and investing in programs that protect, preserve and enhance eyesight and give access to vision care to people in the developing world.

Community Partnership

Every year, CIBA VISION® associates around the world dedicate a day to reach out to people and organizations to make a difference in their local communities, expressing their individual commitment to corporate citizenship and social responsibility. On Community Partnership Day, associates volunteer collectively in activities that make a meaningful emotional and practical contribution to a wide range of social institutions and nonprofit organizations, ranging from local parks to child day care and elderly facilities.

A Shared Passion for Giving Sight to People in Need

CIBA VISION® is the Founding Corporate Sponsor of Optometry Giving Sight (OGS), a worldwide organization that funds the development of sustainable vision care programs in the developing world, bringing the gift of sight to the 670 million people worldwide who live with low vision or blindness.

CIBA VISION® employees and partners across the globe proudly support this effort to give sight to people in need. We partner with OGS on a global effort to promote World Sight Day, an annual event to raise funds and awareness for programs that ensure vision care for people in countries without access to even basic eye care services.

By the end of 2009, OGS distributed $3 million USD to sight-saving projects around the world, with CIBA VISION® making a significant contribution through its global sponsorship, national contributions and employee donations. The funds are helping to screen and provide basic eye care services to more than 1.7 million people, train more than 1,500 eye care personnel as well as create over 100 vision centers and optical workshops.

CIBA VISION® employees and partners across the globe proudly support these efforts to give sight to people in need.



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