Making Contact Lenses and Contact Care More Effective Through Research & Development and Innovation

Research & Development

Research and Development

CIBA VISION® believes innovation through research and development is the key to a better tomorrow in eye care. We are always looking for new materials, technologies and designs to make contact lenses and lens care more effective and simple to use - a relentless quest that has resulted in a number of industry "firsts."

CIBA VISION® prides itself on being the first company to develop and commercialize silicone hydrogel (SiHy) contact lenses. Today, the industry recognizes this material as the most innovative in history, and eye care professionals increasingly realize the eye health benefits of this highly breathable material.

We have a full portfolio of SiHy contact lens products that meet almost all vision correction needs, including astigmatism, a subtle difference in the shape of the cornea that blurs vision, and presbyopia, the gradual loss of the eye's ability to focus on close objects. We also developed the first daily disposable contact lenses with a revolutionary blink-activated moisture system for all-day comfort, as well as the world's leading colour contact lens brand.


CIBA VISION® has a passion for innovation, ensuring a rich pipeline of products to not only improve vision but also create new therapeutic and preventive solutions to address a wide variety of vision needs.

In 1996, CIBA VISION® introduced Lightstream® Technology, a breakthrough contact lens manufacturing technology. Lightstream® Technology ensures excellent quality and reproduction for consistently high lens performance. These innovative technologies define CIBA VISION® leadership in helping to achieve healthy vision today and tomorrow.

In 2009, CIBA VISION® Asia Center of Excellence (ACE) was established to increase understanding of the needs of Asian eye care professionals (ECPs), patients and key stakeholders, such as regulatory authorities. CIBA VISION® recognizes the differences between Western eyes and Asian eyes and strives to offer innovative technology to meet Asia's unique needs. We engage local ECPs and ophthalmologists early in the research and development process to understand and respond faster to the specific needs of our Asian customers.



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